MS20 Cheese Cuber

Designed to automatically size reduce 20 kg cheese blocks or off cuts into cubes and feed them directly into a shredding machine.  By integrating the MS20 Cuber with a shredder, it allows for an economic solution and requires minimal floor space.  The system can operate up to 1,000 kgs/hr depending on cheese type and temperature.  The system is designed for portability and is extremely compact with minimal floor space required.

​      Features & Benefits

  • Increased production with direct cube feed to shredder

  • Non-tubular framework for improved hygiene standards

  • Product infeed roller table to accomodate various styles of cheese

  • 1st & 2nd stage frames and pushers are removable for quick changeover

  • Swing away 2nd stage guard for easy access to product discharge area

  • Shredder discharge can be configured with collection tote or transfer conveyor

  • Pneumatic operated 1st stage enclosed cutting chamber designed to maximize containment during cutting operation

MS20 product flow diagram
MS20 Infeed Conveyor
MS20 Pull out Frame
MS20 Swing Away Guard Discharge Area
MS20 Cubing and Shredding System
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