MS10 Single Stage Cutter

The MS10 is a single stage pneumatically powered cutter designed to size reduce off-cuts of cheese.  The machine offers a large fully enclosed chamber designed to reduce or eliminate product floor loss.  The frame is removable for size changes and a safety sensor ensures the frame is in place during production.  The self-locking overhead door ensures operator safety and reduces loading time.  The MS10 has a production rate of up to 1,000 kgs/hr.

Features & Benefits

  • 1st stage frame and pusher are removable, and include sensors that ensure frame is in place during production

  • Cutting chamber is fully contained with automatic locking mechanisms on product infeed door

  • All stainless steel construction & food grade plastics comply with hygienic standards

  • All guards use safety interlocks to comply with OSHA & CE requirements

MS10 product flow diagram
MS10 Cheese Cutting Chamber
MS10 Head
MS10 Cubed Product
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