EC31 Round Cheese Cutter 

Designed for traditional type round cheese that needs to be cut into wedge format.  The EC31 can cut fixed or random weight portions up to 1 kg.  The program can be easily configured to different recipes by the operator touchscreen to the particular weight requirements.  An integrated scale system weighs each cheese wheel individually then develops a cutting solution for either fixed or random weight wedges.

      Features & Benefits

  • A removable cutting board allows wedge portions to be quickly and easily removed

  • Replaceable foodgrade coated guillotine blade

  • Indexing table with removable product centring and containment arms

  • Designed to CE & OSHA standards on safety with integrated light guards

  • Maximises yield by calculating portion sizes from integrated scale

  • Integrated electrical and mechanical cabinet for ease of cleaning and maintenance

EC31 Cutting Diagram
Changeable product centering arms
Product centering arms
Wedge product cuts
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