EC23 Two Stage Portion Cutter 

The EC23 cutter is designed to cut cheese blocks or sticks into fixed weight portions.  The belt infeed allows the operator to load product on the belt, and the machine then automatically cuts cheese into pre-determined portion sizes.  The harp and pusher can be easily removed for different cut sizes.  Product centering ensures vertical cut quality, along with an adjustable horizontal wire to ensure the blocks are cut equally in height.  The machine is also equipped with a block denesting feature for minimal operator involvement on discharge.

​      Features & Benefits

  • Patented block rotation between cutting stages to save floor space

  • Centering and height sensing of block allows accuracy of cuts and minimises waste

  • Simple selection of recipe options with PLC Control System

  • Wide range of cutting options: line can be dedicated to single pack size or switched to suit factory loading

  • Removable infeed conveyor with cantilevered designed belt for easy removal for cleaning

  • Detection of broken halving wire reduces waste and improves machine protection

  • Optional wire-pitch adjustment on 2nd stage frames allows for greater accuracy of desired portions

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