EC21 Block Cheese Cutter

Two-stage Inline Portion Cutting System

A random or fixed weight portion cutter designed for productivity, hygiene and safety standards required by the modern cheese packing industry.  The cutter offers production rates from 2,000 kgs to 6,000 kgs per hour from 20 kg blocks.   This random weight portion cutter is adaptable for low-rate fixed weight cutting and comes in either an automatic or manual version.

Features & Benefits

  • The cutting is all in-line to save installation space

  • Semi-automatic version is manual load

  • Automatic-PLC control version monitors:

    • Infeed conveyor

    • Selection of program options

    • High throughput potential

    • Centralising, height sensing

    • Cut accuracy, minimum reject

  • Infeed conveyor has a cantilevered frame & quick belt release for ease of cleaning

EC21 product flow diagram

EC21 product flow diagram

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