The EC14 stick cutter is designed to cut cheese blocks into sticks.  The belt infeed allows the operator to load product on the belt and automatically cut cheese into predetermined stick sizes.  The harp and pusher can be easily changed for different stick sizes.  Cheese block centering ensures vertical cut quality along with adjustable horizontal wires to ensure the blocks are cut equally in height.  Interlocked guards ensure operator safety.


     Features & Benefits

  • Easy to clean tool-free removable contact parts 

  • Various outfeed options that can be customised to individual requirements

  • Optional top and side trim offered

  • Safe operation with the use of interlocked guards for operator safety

  • PLC Control for easy selection of program options to ensure continuous throughput

  • Infeed conveyor cantilevered frame & belt for easy removal for cleaning 

  • Auto-halving function guarantees exact half height sticks

  • Dynamic centralising feature allows the blocks to be held in position during cutting process to give an accurate cut

EC14 product flow diagram
EC14 product
Block Lifting Platform
Block Centering
Block Push Plate
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